With more than twenty years' experience  in the field, Moon Bounce Media has made a name for itself by doing whatever it takes to give our clients the best video products around. We've filmed from Thailand and Indonesia to Hawaii and Florida and everywhere in between.  With a home base in the backyard of our nation's Capitol, we're constantly on the go, bringing our style and passion to every form of video production--
from corporate media to national commercial spots, from government events to military training missions.  Video Production isn't brain surgery ... Sometimes, it's harder!  And we'd love to be the operators that help you get the job done right.

Charlie Kendall
Director of Photography
As a kid, I always enjoyed exercising the left side of my brain with technical tasks such as taking apart my bicycle or testing how far a Hot Wheels car will go when launched with a bungee cord.

However, the right side of my brain would try to keep up.  My award-winning second grade art painting featured a house and a flower.  The flower was twice the size of the house, but hey. . . THAT'S ART!

I guess that's why I love this business.  It offers me the opportunity to be creative but challenges me to push the technical boundaries too.

After 20 years in the industry, I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing.

  • Director of Photography
  • Experience with 35mm Film, HD Cam, RED, HD Broadcast Cameras
  • Steadicam Owner/Operator for 20+ years
  • Engineer in Charge- Experienced at Shading Cameras
  • A1 Audio Technician for Mix Minus Audio
  • Inventor of the Spider Pod and Ringo Head
  • Jib Owner/Operator
  • Past ITVA (now TIVA) Board Member
Justin Lucas
Camera/Audio/Grip/Prompter Operator
I've always spent my life hovering somewhere between being a people pleaser and a stunt double. I love being able to help people get things be a part of something cool, no matter how big or small my part is.  As long as I can somehow make things better for everyone, I'm happy.

At the same time, I've always liked to push the find out the biggest, the newest, the best. As a kid, that meant snowboarding off the roof of the garage or borrowing a Handicam to hang out of car windows and shoot music videos with my friends.   Nowadays...well, actually it's about the same thing!

  • Camera operator for live events and medical shoots
  • AC for Steadicam, jib and other moving video shoots
  • TD for live and recorded events
  •  Grip and lighting assistant on narrative and film style shoots
  • Audio technician for field and interview production
  • Very proficient teleprompter operator

In short, I try to be the Video Production version of a Swiss Army Knife.  I'll do whatever it takes, in whatever role is needed, to get the shot and make things fun.  What other industry can offer that?

And yes, I was on Jeopardy!  No, I didn't win.   Yes, I'm still happy to come in to work at Moon Bounce. Why do you ask?
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Becky Kendall
Editor/Equipment Logistics/Accounting
One of my favorite activities growing up was creating new audio commercials for made-up products using pre-existing jingles.  I clearly remember pressing play and record simultaneously on my cassette player.  As a self-proclaimed Boston Celtics fanatic, I also used to draw my own Celtics posters to hang in my room.

Technology and visual media has exploded since those days, and my degree in Telecommunications was a great way to meld my creativity with my detail-oriented self to become a master at logistics management in the video communications industry.  At Moon Bounce Media, I love to edit, help with the accounting, manage the equipment logistics, and sometimes juggle flaming torches.