Mobile Production

Our mobile production trailer packs all the punch of a large sports production truck into a light and nimble 20' body. We bring multi-layer graphics, 24-input switching, 32-channel audio, and as many cameras as you want anywhere you need them in the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas.  Let us know what you need, and we'll do anything we can to get your production on the road.


  • Multi-camera production for sports, live events, corporate meetings, etc

  • Applicable for live and prerecorded Webcasting and Satellite Transmission

  • Standard package of 8 cameras (4 studio cams, 4 robotic cams); expandable if more are needed

  • Production positions: Director, TD, EIC, Producer, GFX, Robotic Camera Operator, Audio

  • Capable of being powered by Honda 6500 generator

Equipment List

  • Ross Carbonite 24 input 2 ME switcher with frame syncs

  • 4 Sony HSC 100 Fiber Studio Cameras

  • Fujinon Lenses– 

    • (2) 42x w/ stabilization, (2) 22x, (2) 17x, (1) 13x Wide

  • 4 Panasonic HE 120/130 P/T cameras via fiber

  • 6 Blackmagic Hyperdeck Studio Recorders

Trailer Exterior with cameras.jpg

Additional Equipment

  • ProPresenter Graphics with alpha channel

  • 4 channels of ClearCom and IFB

  • Wired for 4 phone lines and internet

  • Allen and Heath QU-32 audio board with digital snake

  • Capable of being powered by Honda 6500 generator

  • Comfortably seats 7-8 personnel

  • Webstreaming with Wirecast

Mobile Production Unit Deployed
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The Technical Director's World
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In the Field and Stylish as Always
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Director at the Board
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Engineering Bay
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Our Audio Station
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Kennedy Center Magic
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