Moving Camera

What's the best way to make a beautiful shot really incredible?  Add some movement to it!  We specialize in getting your shots mobile, taking them to the next level with jibs, drones, Steadicams and more.  We want to help you put the "motion" in your motion picture.  So if you want an emotionally moving shot, let us help by making it a physically moving one too.

35' CamMate Jib

  • 12, 18, 24 and 35 foot models available

  • 2 12-volt 4-pin XLR power connections in the head

  • 1 HDSDI, 1 SDSDI, Timecode and Gen-lock through the head/slip-ring

  • Triax through the head/slip-ring (using an adapter)

  • Capable of flying full size cameras

  • Zoom, focus and iris control for both Canon and Fujinon ENG lenses

  • Wireless FIZ control for cinema prime lenses

  • ​All-terrain and Studio dolly


Clipper 2

  • Steadicam Clipper 2 with G50 arm (12-50 lbs camera range) for roving interviews, dramatic movement and quick location changes

  • Steadicam Car Mount Platform for shooting running footage

  • Wireless FIZ control for broadcast and cine lenses

  • Wireless video transmission

  • iPad prompter with wireless transmission for teleprompting on the go



  • DJI Phantom 4 for getting high above the action

  • Used for BMW track shoots, landscape tracking shots, dune buggy races, and anything else where you need to see the world from a birds-eye view

Other Moving Camera Gear

  • 6' and 15' Jib

  • Cinevate 4' Camera Slider

  • EZ-FX Heavy Duty Slider

  • Skateboard Dolly

  • Spider Pods

  • Ringo Head 90 Degree Camera Mount

  • Turntable for Product Shots

Inverted Slider
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Inverted Slider in Place
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36' Cammate Jib
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5’ slider setup for interview
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Meet the Press Steadicam
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Automated Slider Food Close-ups
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Ben Franklin's Close-up
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Jib shade
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Inverted robotic slider
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The Jib Operator's View
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Car-to-car shooting
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Black and White Jib Setup
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