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Dan Website 1.jpeg

Dan Bloom


As a kid, nothing was safe from me and my screwdriver set. Anything that could be taken apart was taken apart…and almost always never worked again! I loved to see how things worked, to see how the pieces all fit together. What always struck me was how something that seemed like magic was usually just the clever combination of some simple pieces. 


This fascination has led me down some interesting paths. I’ve built giant 80 ft. towers for huge concerts, produced a KickStarter video that crushed its $45k goal, built and operated many different cameras, lit a White House interview with President Obama, been a projectionist for an outdoor film festival series, and had my photography featured at The Art League Gallery in Alexandria, VA.


All my success in the production industry has incorporated the basic idea, initially learned as a kid taking apart Super-soakers and radio controlled cars, that effective video productions are built from simple building blocks, cleverly and skillfully assembled, to create a final project that is much more than the sum of its parts.


As a DP and Jib operator, this philosophy has served me well and has allowed me to love the process as much as final product


Justin Lucas

Production Specialist

I've always spent my life hovering somewhere between being a people pleaser and a stunt double. I love being able to help people get things be a part of something cool, no matter how big or small my part is.  As long as I can somehow make things better for everyone, I'm happy.


At the same time, I've always liked to push the find out the biggest, the newest, the best. As a kid, that meant snowboarding off the roof of the garage or borrowing a Handicam to hang out of car windows and shoot music videos with my friends.   Nowadays...well, actually it's about the same thing!


  • Camera operator for live events and medical shoots

  • AC for Steadicam, jib and other moving video shoots

  • TD for live and recorded events

  • Grip and lighting assistant on narrative and film style shoots

  • Audio technician for field and interview production

  • Very proficient teleprompter operator


In short, I try to be the Video Production version of a Swiss Army Knife.  I'll do whatever it takes, in whatever role is needed, to get the shot and make things fun.  What other industry can offer that?


And yes, I was on Jeopardy!  No, I didn't win.   Yes, I'm still happy to come in to work at Moon Bounce. Why do you ask?

The Crew

CK Headshot 1.jpg

Charlie Kendall


As a kid, I always enjoyed exercising the left side of my brain with technical tasks such as taking apart my bicycle or testing how far a Hot Wheels car will go when launched with a bungee cord.


However, the right side of my brain would try to keep up.  My award-winning second grade art painting featured a house and a flower.  The flower was twice the size of the house, but hey. . . THAT'S ART!


I guess that's why I love this business.  It offers me the opportunity to be creative but challenges me to push the technical boundaries too.


After 25 years in the industry, I can't think of anything else I would rather be doing.



  • Director of Photography

  • Engineer in Charge

  • Experience with 35mm Film, HD Cam, RED, HD Broadcast Cameras

  • Steadicam Owner/Operator for 20+ years

  • Inventor of the Spider Pod and Ringo Head

  • Past ITVA (now TIVA) Board Member

Megan 1.png

Megan Bloom
Project Management

Systems, processes, and clear communication drive my workflow as I orchestrate the behind-the-scenes happenings at Moon Bounce Media HQ.


I LOVE a good list! To Do Lists, Pack Lists, Gear Lists…Lists of Lists. I especially enjoy adding items I’ve already completed to my to do lists just so that I can put that little check mark next to them.


Coming from an event planning, executive sales, and account management background, I thrive in any situation where relationships matter and synthesizing creative logistics and solutions is vital.  


  • Project/Production Manager

  • Business Wrangler

  • Accounting/HR

  • Kate's Cause Advisory Board--Events Expert Extraordinaire

  • Wine Lover

Brian 1.png

Brian Rose

My parents met at a TV station, so needless to say, I’ve been surrounded by cameras my whole life. As soon as I was tall enough to reach the tripod arm, I was on the job, and capturing life through moving pictures has been my passion ever since.


All through high school, I worked in the field, and after graduating with a certificate in television production, I’ve made that passion my purpose. After a decade of freelancing, I joined Moon Bounce Media as a DP to inject some youthful vigor into the staid field of corporate video.  


I’m also available as a Ed Sheeran look-alike for bat mitzvahs and karaoke parties, but please…no more clown costumes. 
Let’s keep things professional.

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