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Multicamera shoots are at the core of what we do.  It's why we built our flypack systems, and why we continue to update them and make them better.  It's why we built the Mobile Production Unit.  It's why Charlie invented the Spider Pod.  Covering events like the Washington Capitals Stanley Cup Rally, the Hispanic Heritage Awards, and the National Governors Association biannual meeting is in our blood.  We love what we do, and it's reflected in the quality and breadth of our experience.

Production Truck

Our mobile production trailer packs all the punch of a large sports production truck into a light and nimble 20' body. We bring multi-layer graphics, 24-input switching, 32-channel audio, and as many cameras as you want anywhere you need them in the Washington DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas.  Let us know what you need, and we'll do anything we can to get your production on the road.

  • Multi-camera production for sports, live events, corporate meetings, etc

  • Applicable for live and prerecorded Webcasting and Satellite Transmission

  • Standard package of 8 cameras (4 studio cams, 4 robotic cams); expandable if more are needed

  • Production positions: Director, TD, EIC, Producer, GFX, Robotic Camera Operator, Audio

  • Capable of being powered by Honda 6500 generator


Our mobile fly-pack system allows us to bring the capabilities of a control room to the smallest of locations. Each component you would find in a broadcast production studio can be broken down into road cases that can be configured for different venues. The fly-pack is ideal for events held in meeting rooms, ballrooms, or office buildings. We can fit our control room in closets, hallways, or even in the back of a ballroom. The fly-pack can bring broadcast quality to any location.

Live Streaming

In this day and age, the miracle of live streaming video means that your team can be in any far-flung part of the world and still tap in to all the same events.  Our multicam flypacks allow us to capture and switch your events live and in person, while our live streaming package makes that video available to everyone in real-time wherever they happen to be.  So whether you want to bring a small event into the big leagues or take a big event worldwide, we've got you covered.

Equipment List



  • 4 Sony HSC-100 Fiber Studio Cameras

  • 3 Sony XDCAM Studio Cameras

  • Studio Viewfinders with Tally Lights

  • 2 Canon CR-N300 Robotic Cameras

  • 2 42x Fujinon Stabilized Lenses

  • 2 22x Fuijinon Lenses

  • 2 17x Fujinon Lenses

  • 1 13x Fujinon Wide Angle Lens

  • Ross Carbonite Black 24-input 2ME Switcher

  • Panasonic AV-HS 400 Switcher

  • Panasonic AV-HS 410 Switcher

  • Blackmagic 40x40 HD SDI Router

  • Allen & Heath QU-16/32 with Digital Audio Snake

  • Stihl Timbersports U.S. Trophy on CBS Sports

  • National Governor's Association Biannual Meetings

  • BMW Competitve Forum

  • National Institute of Goverment Purchasers Annual Conference

  • ExcelInEd Education Reform Annual Conference

  • VIVA Vascular Intervention Conference

  • The Great Courses "How to Cook"

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