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Speciality Camera Systems

Emotion can be added to a project by making the camera move, or putting it someplace that seems impossible. We specialize in getting your shots mobile, taking them to the next level with jibs, drones, Steadicams, vehicle mounts, and more.  We want to help you put the "motion" in your motion picture.  So if you want an emotionally moving shot, let us help by making it a physically moving one too.

Full Size Jib

  • 12, 18, 24, and 35 foot Cammate builds available

  • Compact tail section for balconies or other space limited setups

  • 2 12-volt 4-pin XLR power connections in the head

  • Capable of flying full size cameras

  • Zoom, focus, and iris control for both Canon and Fujinon ENG lenses

  • Wireless FIZ control for cinema prime lenses

  • ​All-terrain and Studio dolly

  • Teleprompter System


  • Steadicam M-2 with Volt Stabilization System

  • Steadicam Clipper 2

  • Wireless FIZ control for broadcast and cine lenses

  • Wireless video transmission

  • Wireless Camera Control for Sony, Panasonic, JVC Cameras

  • Lightweight Wireless Telepromter System

Stabilizers, Mounts, Dollies

  • Vehicle mounted stabilizer arms

  • Vehicle interior and exterior camera mounting systems with vibration isolators 

  • DJI Cinema 4D with wireless control and transmission

  • Small and medium DSLRs for mounting

  • DJI Mavic Pro Drone 

  • Dana Dolly

  • Slider Dolly

  • Gitzo 9ft tall Tripod

  • Spider Pods

  • Teredek Bolt Pro 10k Wireless video transmission 

  • Teleprompter systems for all occasions

  • Action Cameras 

    • Gopro ​

    • Sony RX02

    • Sony x3000

  • Gyroscope Stabilized Camera Mounts

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